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  Academics - ICSE - Secondary
Pre Primary

We at Royaal World School aspire for excellence in education, in tune with the ICSE goal of preparing students for global citizenship.
The ICSE Council mainly aims at bringing about a revolution in imparting useful knowledge for all. The quality of education imparted by ICSE is impeccable and will never be compromised on.

The main aim is to teach the students to think intensively and to think critically. We believe intelligence plus character to be the goal of true eductaion. Secondary Education is important because those are the years before entering the bigger and serious part of education, that is, Career. It is extremely important to focus during those years.

In Royaal World School Secondary Education is not confined to the four walls. We strive to impart hands on experience along with practical knowledge. Application based education is stressed on to clear the concepts, develop analytical skills and to make the teaching  learning process effective and to accomplish this we assign  a lot of projects and assignments  based on different subjects

We nurture our students mentally, physically and morally. The self-confidence achieved is immense and can help develop understanding. We provide a platform, for our students to showcase their true worth, be it curricular or co-curricular activities.  A number of activities and competitions are conducted from time to time to tap the innate talents and boost their self confidence.
The purpose of secondary education is also to enable pupils to acquire fundamental knowledge and skills to develop basic cultural competence. At this level, this is achieved by using school subjects and disciplines as means to know, interpret and represent reality and  the world.

 Encouragement and motivation in the right direction is the key to success and we do not hesitate to go that extra mile to bring about the best in every student. At Royaal World School we offer the syllabus as prescribed by the ICSE Council for classes IX and X.

Following subjects are offered along with the elective subjects and are divided into three groups-

  Part I - Compulsory

Internal Examination or Internal Assessment

Socially Useful Productive Work and Community Service (Internal Assessment)
  Part II
  Group I: (Compulsory)
  • English
  • Hindi (Second Language)
  • History, Civics and Geography
  Group II:
  • Mathematics
  • Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology)
  • Economics

Group: III:

  Environmental  Applications
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