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  Academics - ICSE - Pre Primary
Pre Primary

Royaal Kids is a prodigious, powerful, potent and a place to soar high. A place, where education is the motive and excellence is the goal. We remember a popular saying “Give me the first seven years of a child and then take away the child and do what you want”.  We at Royaal Kids, will help the child to develop creatively, think independently and instill in them the sound ethical values of kindness, respect and integrity, within a safe and nurturing environment.  Royaal Kids endeavours to individualize the education of every child, through the freedom and flexibility of activity time, organized activities, that are suitable to the curriculum, at the “teachable moment”.  We view the social and emotional growth of children as an integral and necessary step in their preparation for future scholastic success.

  Teaching Methodology
  Maximum learning takes place through interaction with the environment.  All our teaching is done through the play-way and project methods. Royaal Kids follows ICSE prescribed curriculum.
The learning areas which are covered in Pre-Primary are:
  • Personal, Social and Emotional development
  • Motor development
  • Cognitive development
  • Environment concepts
Learning domains:
  • Language and Literacy
  • Early mathematics or maths readiness
  • Environmental concepts
  • Early science experience
  • Art and Creative development
  • Computer play
  • Life skills and values
  • Musical awareness
  • Physical fitness, Hygiene and Cleanliness
  This method of teaching is most effective as it provides maximum sensory stimulation for the child.  A variety of teaching aids are used by teachers to prepare the students for formal learning and develop their capacity to absorb core concepts across the basic academic spectrum. The School tries to bring out the special qualities of every child and showcase their talent by organizing various activities throughout the year. The aim is to have fun and learn through play.  It is through active play and hands on experience that children learn and grow: We foster independence, encouragement, communication, and social skills. At the same time we encourage the young child’s ability to make decisions.
  Evaluation System

The assessment is based on CCE i.e. Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation.  It shall cover both scholastic and non-scholastic aspects of a pupil’s growth. Report cards are issued half yearly.  These reports reflect the progress a child has made towards various kindergarten objectives and reflects the developmental milestones reached.

  The First Day of School
“School bells are ringing loud and clear; vacation’s over, school is here”

It is that time of year again where we wake up early, all happy and cheerful, anxious for the day to start —“The First Day of School!”

The start of a new session is always a time filled with excitement.It was a warm atmosphere in Royaal Kids on 12th June as the day was filled with mixed emotions both for the teachers and children.The children were welcomed by teachers with a warm smile as they walked in.

Teachers were seen making students comfortable and cozy in their new classrooms. Children had great fun at Outdoor area and danced on action Songs. Students enjoyed a creative take away activity. The day kicked off with positivity and cheer
  Mango Day

This was a perfect time to celebrate this season with the king of fruits “Mango”. To celebrate and relish the taste of the most loved fruit-Mango, children at Royaal Kids celebrated ‘Mango Day’ on 20th June’2019.
Children looked like fresh alphonso’s dressed in yellow coloured dresses. Teachers explained the little ones about the king of fruits ‘Mango-deliciously sweet and juicy fruit’. Teachers in play way method through songs and rhythms enlightened the children about different colours, shapes, sizes and varieties of mangoes.
Children also engaged in colouring, dabbing and painting Mango. Teacher also told about different Mango items such as Ice-cream, Mango Shake, Mango Juice, Aamras , Pickle,etc . It was a mangoliciously sweet and juicy day for the tiny tots of Royaal Kids.

  Newspaper Activity
  The students with the help of their parents used the Newspaper in a very creative manner. They showed their creativity by making butterflies, boats, scenery and many more things. This activity helped the students to understand that they can use an old newspaper in a very creative way.
  Rainbow Day

A Colourful Rainbow from the sky was brought down to the Royaal Kids, based on the theme “Seasons” Rainbow Day was celebrated on July 27th 2018. The occasion started by imparting information about the rainbow and singing songs about seven colours.  There was a wonderful dance performance by the students. All their attires resembled the colours of the rainbow.  A beautiful VIBGYOR was created with crumpled paper activity.  The main objective was to deliver the concept of “Rainbow Colours” to the students through hands on activity.  Rainbow Day was made memorable with fun and colours in Royaal Kids.


Independence Day


The 71st Independence Day, marking 7 decades of Independence from the British rule; was celebrated in Royaal Kids with much enthusiasm.  Pictures of the grand celebration reflected the efforts put in by the children and teachers.  Students of Pre-primary came attired in white Kurta Pyjama and Dupatta of the vibrant colors of the national flag.   The soft boards were decorated with Tricolor birds, flowers and national symbols.  The event also included some interactive fun activities with the children. One Nursery student was thrilled to enthusiastically sing a patriotic song.  There was a wonderful dance performance on Unity in Diversity. The highlight of the celebration was the freedom walk.  All the students of Royaal Kids were taken for a freedom walk within the school campus.  It was a great experience for the students as well as the teachers.

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