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Fifteen years of experience as a Principal and over 20 years of being with children at different levels is a testimony to the famous quote by “Pablo Piccaso which says that every child is an Artiste. The Challenge is how to remain an artiste once we grow up”. And as educators our challenge is how to sustain the artist in every child as she/he grows up. This is at the heart of our efforts at Royaal World School.

The technological advancements of today have our teens grappling with peer pressure not only during school hours but it continues unabated after school via various avenues of social media. There are also numerous reasons why a bright student may not perform to the best of his / her capability. A caring facilitator will surely learn of the problem and seek help or also provide it on time.

To parents I would say that instead of being on the "helicopter" mode and trying to monitor every move of the child (thereby taking away the individual’s personal space) make yourself available to your child. It is easier said than done but from an early age, if parents spend quality time with their child and encourages sharing, it is certainly possible.
Principal Ms. Maharukh Kadodwalla
Mrs. Nirmal Bhataiya
Principal & Academic Director
Parents and teachers are partners in facilitating the tender young plant under their care to grow into a beautiful flowering tree. Our discipline in Royaal World School is like a fence that prevents stray goats and buffaloes from chewing a small tender sapling. If this is explained to children they may not resist the safeguarding discipline as much. Unless the educators together with the parents, truly reach out to those under their care, no teaching-learning process can take place, nor can we attempt to sustain the artist in every child.

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