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The word curriculum is derived from the Latin word “Currere” which means a racecourse or a runway, on which one runs to reach ones goal. Education should help students to pursue and achieve their goals, ideals and aspirations of life.

UNESCO report summaries learning as “bringing out the treasure within”. Royaal World School always tries to bring out the potential of our students. Giving opportunity is always been the essential ingredient of our educational curriculum. The school not just imparts classroom learning, but also develops a thirst in the students to strive for a developed society and a better country.

It should make us feel proud that we are living in a city which has got great historical importance. Our city is one of the ancient cities of our country. This speaks volumes about the greatness of our city. Students of Royaal World School have always being living up to the expectations of children of this great city.

Looking forward to seeing a great result of our student’s grand success.
Principal Ms. Maharukh Kadodwalla
~*~ Preeti Shreyas Dixit ~*~
Executive Director
Executive Director Abhas Niphadkar
~*~ Abhas Niphadkar ~*~
Executive Director-School Administration
Education in the emerging global knowledge economy has become a great leveler amongst Individuals and Nations, being the highest form of organizational capital. The whole purpose of education is for all individuals to learn and grow as better people, everyone in this sector, should then make an effort to work together to achieve the common goal. The need of the hour is to help our children become independent thinkers and develop integrated personalities.

In parallel with this thought we, at Royaal World School, always believe that education should create the student's life as a whole in terms of positive attitude towards life, decision making skills, learning about the world around them, and of all a good Human Being.

We (teachers, adults and parents) should nurture each and every child's potential because each and every child is unique in his/her own way. Education should be a process of discovering the potential of every student. Through this message I would like to convey this important message to all, that our children have a great sense of humanity and sensitivity… we just need to carve it out in a proper way.
Looking forward to great success of our students overall growth and development.
Besides excelling in academics, the students have been performing very well in curricular and co-curricular activities at district, state and national level.

Progress knows no bounds. I am confident that the school will continue making its sincere efforts to produce bright scholars and responsible citizens of the country. I convey my best wishes for the further progress of the school.
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