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A counselor is a supporter who help students in personal development, to overcome barriers of academic achievement and ensure that today’s students become the self-motivated and established individuals of tomorrow. Students feel free to share and discuss things with the counselor.

The Counselor identifies students having issues like hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder, learning disability, low average IQ and other behavioural issues. Counselor does the analysis of his/ her behavior pattern, If student’s behavior is inquisitive with his /her achievement, the school counselor may monitor that student in a class, have discussion with teachers and develop a plan to address the behavioral issues and then jointly implement and evaluate the plan. A counselor also involves parents to implement the plan. They also have a one to one parent discussion to solve the issue.

They provide valuable assistance to students by way of group counseling sessions which help in removing barriers to learning and encourage academic achievement. For smaller children good touch and bad touch is explained with the help of animated videos. If children face any psychological stress related issues in the family or in the school; they are also addressed by the counselor. It also helps them in exploring their area of interest, and can help them in dealing with the anxiety as well as focus on the academics to choose future life opportunities.
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